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Brad Boesen is a writer and editor of books, theses, blogs, articles, web content, and online educational material. His work covers topics ranging from AI to Web Development to Biological Science, Photography, meditation for children, and much more. He spent his formative years working for Gallup, IBM, and the Nebraska State Legislature before setting out on his own as a freelancer, doing the bidding of clients like Walmart, Expedia, and Oxford University. He's now the full-time content creator for draw.io.

draw.io for Agile Retrospectives

Are you a seasoned Agile pro? Or are you a newbie? Either way, the retrospective is a big part of your team coaching toolbox. Agile Retrospectives are carried out in a variety of ways. Most often, though, visualization is the best way to help break the team-sharing logjam. Here’s a look at how to [...]

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Working with Swimlanes in draw.io

If you’ve used draw.io at all (and even if you haven’t) chances are you’ve made a flowchart or two in your life. They’re one of the most common use cases for draw.io. They’re ideal for visualizing the individual steps of a complete process. And when that process involves multiple teams or other entities, it [...]

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Security For Atlassian Marketplace Apps

Like you, the Atlassian Marketplace has an understandable obsession with security in the cloud. Their Marketplace security programs and tools hold Marketplace apps to the highest security standards. Why? Because customers and developers need the highest compliance and security requirements. Especially when migrating and living in the cloud. Here’s what you need to know [...]

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Define Background images in draw.io

Sometimes, in the course of your draw.io diagramming exploits, you no doubt wonder things. For example, “wouldn’t it be great if I could create a page and then use that page as a background for subsequent pages?” This is actually a feature that has been frequently requested by draw.io users. And now it’s a reality. [...]

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The Best Diagramming apps: Blended Perspective’s Opinion

The Atlassian Marketplace is booming. Since 2018, instances have grown a whopping 99% to 1.6M. There are nearly 4000 third-party apps available on the marketplace overall, making it increasingly hard to know which apps can provide your company the most value. For example, what's the best diagramming app? At Blended Perspective, their Marketplace Analytic [...]

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Top draw.io Videos to Make You a Diagramming Wiz

draw.io is packed with features and shortcuts to make your diagramming life easier and more productive. If you’ve used draw.io for any length of time, you already know some of them, but there’s always more to learn. Where can you find these pro tips? The draw.io YouTube channel is always at your service. Here’s [...]

Scratchpad – Your helper for individual diagramming needs

In our last post, we talked about custom libraries and how they can personalize your draw.io experience so that you always have the right shapes close at hand for your current diagramming needs. Between the complete libraries provided by draw.io out of the box and the custom libraries you create, you can be covered [...]

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