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Five draw.io Shortcuts that You Didn’t Know About

Since 2013, draw.io Diagrams for Confluence has been the top-rated Confluence diagramming solution on the Atlassian Marketplace. As a draw.io user, you already know that it’s powerful and easy to use. We’re here today to let you know about some of the lesser-known benefits. The Easter eggs, if you will. Those little shortcuts [...]

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draw.io at Atlassian Team ’21!

Atlassian is all about teams. It’s right there in their mission:  “...to unleash the potential in every team—including our own.”  At draw.io, we’re totally on board with that. draw.io is the #1 rated app at the Atlassian marketplace. Collaboration is key, and quite simply, teams work better with draw.io. That’s why draw.io is proud [...]

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Taming Requirements Engineering Headaches With UML

All professions are unique in the particular frustrations that they thrust upon their practitioners, and software development is no exception. The same physically intangible nature of software that makes it more difficult to recognize risks and requirements can also contribute to a general perception that software development is easier than it actually is. The [...]

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How visualizing your sales funnel can transform your organization

Studies have shown that interactions with any employees in your company can have a major effect on customers when it comes time to decide who they want to do business with (or who to stop doing business with). In fact, interactions with frontline employees are so influential that 64% of customers report avoiding specific [...]

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Lock shapes and text in draw.io and take control of your diagrams

There are many things that are out of our control these days. Luckily, draw.io isn’t one of them. Today we’ll show you how to harness the edit and move feature in order to lock shapes and text in draw.io. When it comes to functionality and ease of use, draw.io puts you in complete control [...]

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Drag and drop images from any browser to draw.io

At draw.io, we like to drag things. And at the same time, we have a great affinity for dropping them. And any time we can do both? Well, that’s what makes life worth living. If you agree, then draw.io is the diagramming tool for you! draw.io offers you the possibility to easily drag and [...]

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