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Embed existing diagrams in Confluence Cloud

Here at draw.io, we may be biased in our love for our diagramming tool, but with good reason. It’s easy, functional, and has many features that help your daily work in Confluence run smoothly. Perhaps, like some of us, many of you have switched to remote work. If so, putting together that perfect “toolbox” [...]

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The format panel – learn how to use it to your advantage

The saying goes that it's what's on the inside that counts.  That's certainly true for draw.io.  Our diagramming tool packs a punch when it comes to ease-of-use, functionality, and security.  But being a tool that houses all of these great features doesn't mean the result, namely your diagram, has to be bland or run-of-the-mill.  [...]

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Loyalty Pricing Program for draw.io in Confluence & Jira Cloud

Good news for the Cloud! The buzz of Atlassian and the Cloud has been on everyone's lips.  As an Atlassian Marketplace vendor, we've also been buzzing in the background to ensure our draw.io Cloud customers benefit. The Atlassian Loyalty Program offers discounts to customers with an active license or subscription for Atlassian Server and [...]

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How draw.io diagrams help you tackle the challenges of Covid-19

The world outside has changed dramatically.  We've all had to rethink how we work to make the best out of the situation we're in.  Especially now, transparency, efficiency, and consistency have become even more important. Visualization can help you achieve all three. Here at draw.io, we're always thinking of ways to help you make [...]

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Visualization: Why are images and diagrams so powerful?

What is visualization anyway? Could you do me a favor and close your eyes?  Now imagine you're on a tropical island, relaxed and far away from the daily grind.  I'm pretty sure you didn't close your eyes and see all of that in words, but rather in pictures.  Today we're going to be exploring [...]

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Always find what you need with indexing in draw.io for Confluence

You know what it's like when your spouse takes it upon themselves to reorganize your home.  In theory, it was amazing, but in practice, you can never find anything after that.  Confluence and draw.io provide you with something that's basically the opposite of that: a way to find exactly what you need when you [...]

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Versioning for draw.io in Confluence

In many parts of the world, the leaves have started to change color, which means Autumn has arrived.  Change is, in many cases, inevitable, and we know that being able to follow those changes is essential.  At draw.io, we make following those changes easy, whether you need them for auditing purposes or because your [...]

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Flowcharts in draw.io – how to go with the flow

Creating flowcharts in draw.io is easy and efficient, and everyone loves a good flowchart because they are versatile.  They can be used to display the simplest of processes, like trying to decide if you need to buy new socks or not, all the way to complex computer processes.  And honestly, who doesn't need new [...]

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Collaborative diagramming in draw.io for Confluence Cloud

With remote work being the norm for many of us right now, it makes sense that we'd want to have tools that enable us to work with colleagues, regardless of where they are in the world.  And to make sure you always have the tools you need, draw.io brings you real-time, collaborative diagramming for Confluence [...]

Simplify diagram navigation in draw.io

The summer has been very hot over here at draw.io and that means making our lives as simple as possible - including how we're diagramming.  What better way to beat the heat than to share our tips on how to simplify diagram navigation in draw.io?  That way, you can get back to enjoying a [...]

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