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Animation and Automatic Layout: Explore Complex Diagrams

In business, there are many diagrams that illustrate complex relationships. The initial diagram can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know the processes or information that are represented. Being able to explore a complex diagram, step-by-step, looking at each component and its relationships in context, can let you understand the entire diagram much more [...]

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Share Diagrams With Public Google Files

Reading Time: 2 min Sharing diagrams with friends and colleagues who do not have Google Drive accounts is now easy. Simply share your diagram, allowing everyone on the internet to find and view it, and create a publicly accessible link that you can send to them.

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Export Diagrams as URLs

Diagrams (below a certain size) can now be exported as URLs https://www.draw.io/...  

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Using draw.io diagrams in WordPress

draw.io diagrams can be neatly and easily embedded as an SVG in a Wordpress blog post, and any links within the diagram will function perfectly in the blog post. SVG diagrams load very quickly, when compared to other methods. You can also embed diagrams as pure images, which may be slow to load, but are downloadable, not dependent [...]

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Number Plugin

Reading Time: < 1 min "Number" Plugin for enumerating elements (via View, Number).

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30K+ Reviews

A big thanks to our users for 30K+ reviews and an average rating of 4.92 out of 5!

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