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draw.io Training – Exercise 10: Export and import

Reading Time: 5 min If you are using a platform or creating a document that can't embed a draw.io diagram, you'll want to export it as an image. Importing is just as important, especially if you want to move your diagrams from another diagramming tool into draw.io to take advantage of its rich features.

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draw.io Training – Exercise 9: Create your own custom library

Reading Time: 7 min Custom libraries make working with your own graphics and icons a breeze. You can quickly and easily import your own libraries and use your custom shapes. Alternatively, you can create a custom library from an existing diagram, as you will learn how to do in this exercise.

By |2021-07-01T11:54:41+02:00May 11th, 2021|customization, learning|

draw.io Training – Exercise 8: Add links and tooltips

Reading Time: 8 min You can add links so that when a viewer clicks on a shape or a line of text in your diagram, they can be taken directly to another page or diagram. And you can add tooltips, so when a viewer hovers their mouse over a section of the diagram, they will be shown additional information in a tooltip.

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draw.io Training – Exercise 7: Create a diagram with layers and images

Reading Time: 7 min Building your diagram by using layers allows you a lot more flexibility - you can switch between different views of your diagram, group related elements and protect them from being modified when you work in a different layer. In this exercise, you'll create a diagram in a top layer, following an image 'template' that you paste into the background layer.

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draw.io Training – Exercise 6: Work with the shape libraries

Reading Time: 5 min You're ready to start creating more complex diagrams! You should be comfortable inserting and formatting shapes, drawing connectors and inserting text. Plus in the last exercise, you used some more advanced formatting to create your tree. In this exercise, you will create a flow chart, with a very important theme - drinking coffee!

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draw.io Training – Exercise 5: Create a tree diagram

Reading Time: 7 min Now that you've learnt how to insert and modify shapes, add text and use connectors, it's time to put it all together. In this exercise you'll learn some more advanced formatting options by using the format panel on the right hand side.

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draw.io Training – Exercise 4: Work with text and connectors

Reading Time: 11 min Now that you are comfortable modifying an existing diagram by editing shapes, it's time to build one from scratch. You'll need to add shapes from the symbol library, draw connections between the shapes, and add text to both the shapes and the connectors.

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draw.io Training – Exercise 3: Edit a diagram – change the shapes

Reading Time: 9 min In this draw.io exercise you aren't just changing the colors, but you will change their shapes, sizes and rotations, as well as copy multiple shapes.

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draw.io Training – Exercise 2: Edit a diagram – change the colors

Reading Time: 8 min Once you know how to create a draw.io diagram, and add draw.io diagrams to Confluence, the next step is to edit one!

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