Exploring BPMN shape libraries in draw.io

You will never hear anyone say "No thanks, I don't need to optimize any of our processes so that we can work more efficiently and productively".  That means we all have occasion to take a closer look at our internal workflows and see how we can streamline them.  BPMN diagrams in draw.io can help [...]

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Taming workflow diagrams by linking to another page within draw.io

Sometimes creating a diagram for your workflows can result in something much larger than you anticipated.  You may have many details that get lost in the jungle of shapes.  Did you know you can tame your content by working across multiple pages within draw.io?  This means you can click a shape within your main [...]

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draw.io diagrams for Software Development processes

For those of you out there that are involved in software development, have you ever thought about using draw.io diagrams to help you visualize your final product?   In order to better document and work through the process of optimizing an app for Linchpin Intranet in Confluence, the Linchpin team used draw.io diagrams to help [...]

Exporting draw.io diagrams as PDFs outside Confluence

Like most of our customers you probably will create diagrams using draw.io within Confluence.  Once in a while you may still have to export those diagrams for various reasons including... ...sharing your diagrams with a third party that doesn't have access to Confluence. ...embedding your infographics into an external system. There are many [...]

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Merry Christmas 2019

2019 is coming to a close and it's time to slow down, put up a Christmas tree and put presents under it for your loved ones.  Our goal this year is to give you new features year-round and not just at Christmas.   Here are some of the highlights of 2019: Comment function for draw.io [...]

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Linking content in draw.io diagrams

Many of you have been asking which options are available in order to link content to shapes within your draw.io diagrams in Confluence. The answer is: There are quite a few!  Using this simple yet effective feature will help you extend what is already possible with draw.io. This post covers both the Cloud and [...]

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Keep your diagrams on premises with draw.io

With the rising popularity of cloud collaboration, it is not surprising that some diagramming software providers are exiting the on-premises market. You don't have to worry about that with draw.io. Lucidchart has recently announced that they will begin sunsetting (kill or cancel to the rest of us) their Confluence Server and Data Center apps, [...]

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