How visualizing your sales funnel can transform your organization

Studies have shown that interactions with any employees in your company can have a major effect on customers when it comes time to decide who they want to do business with (or who to stop doing business with). In fact, interactions with frontline employees are so influential that 64% of customers report avoiding specific [...]

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Lock shapes and text in and take control of your diagrams

There are many things that are out of our control these days. Luckily, isn’t one of them. Today we’ll show you how to harness the edit and move feature in order to lock shapes and text in When it comes to functionality and ease of use, puts you in complete control [...]

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Drag and drop images from any browser to

At, we like to drag things. And at the same time, we have a great affinity for dropping them. And any time we can do both? Well, that’s what makes life worth living. If you agree, then is the diagramming tool for you! offers you the possibility to easily drag and [...]

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Flowcharts in – how to go with the flow

Creating flowcharts in is easy and efficient, and everyone loves a good flowchart because they are versatile.  They can be used to display the simplest of processes, like trying to decide if you need to buy new socks or not, all the way to complex computer processes.  And honestly, who doesn't need new [...]

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Simplify diagram navigation in

The summer has been very hot over here at and that means making our lives as simple as possible - including how we're diagramming.  What better way to beat the heat than to share our tips on how to simplify diagram navigation in  That way, you can get back to enjoying a [...]

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Waypoints in Building a path for your connectors

Getting from A to B: Waypoints in Connectors play a pivotal role in creating the relationships between your shapes.  Without them, they're just random shapes on your canvas.  But it's not enough just to have connectors.  Especially in more complex diagrams, which may contain many intersecting connectors, you have to have a way [...]

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Increase productivity with mind maps in's Jack-of-all-Trades: Mind maps Do you remember that one kid in school that was good at everything? That's mind mapping for you.  From the visualization of your project tasks for the week to learning vocabulary for a test, mind maps are versatile and easy to create in  This is of course very useful [...]

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Folding and moving trees in

With spring drawing to a close in most places around the world, it might be a great time to talk about trees.  Just like in nature, there are many kinds of trees that you can create.  Folding and moving trees in is easy and  I promise there is no origami involved in this [...]

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Learning part 4: Interactive Tutorials

Learn within In the final installment of our learning series, we showcase our interactive tutorials.  What sets our interactive tutorials apart from others? Regular tutorials make you keep multiple windows or tabs open if you want hands-on learning. You end up jumping from the video to the workspace to the video to [...]

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Learning part 3: Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts - Keystrokes for smart folks! One of the things that our friends love the most about is how efficient it is to use.  Now imagine that you can make things even more efficient.  Too good to be true? Not with Get things done faster with keyboard shortcuts for your [...]

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