Finding your way around our website: Orientation 101

You've probably noticed by now that we've relaunched our website and we hope you've been enjoying what you've seen so far.  Back in February, we wrote about our relaunch and briefly touched upon how you can navigate around the site.  However, we wanted to expand on that in order to help you with finding [...]

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Spring and New Beginnings: has a brand new look

By the time you’ve read this, you may have noticed a few changes around here. We’ve turned over a few stones, shook out our carpets and gave the place a going over. This means you will need to update your links in order to find the content you’ve already bookmarked. The app is still the same amazing diagramming app that you’ve all come to love, we’ve just given its home a new look.

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Exporting diagrams as PDFs outside Confluence

Like most of our customers you probably will create diagrams using within Confluence.  Once in a while you may still have to export those diagrams for various reasons including... ...sharing your diagrams with a third party that doesn't have access to Confluence. ...embedding your infographics into an external system. There are many ways [...]

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Merry Christmas 2019

2019 is coming to a close and it's time to slow down, put up a Christmas tree and put presents under it for your loved ones.  Our goal this year is to give you new features year-round and not just at Christmas. Here are some of the highlights of 2019: Comment function for [...]

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Calculate’s budget for the coming years in Confluence Server and Data Center

Since Confluence has become a trusted tool for visualizations, should also be an essential part of your Confluence toolkit in the long-term.  We'd like to show you how you can plan for the cost involved in using for Confluence Server or Data Center in the coming years. Basic information [...]

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New features since Atlassian Summit 2019

Since the Atlassian Summit in April, 2019, we've added some useful features, including view filtering in Confluence, as well as rulers, guidelines and measurements. AWS and GCP shape libraries also contain this year's icon updates from Amazon and Google.

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