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With remote work being the norm for many of us right now, it makes sense that we’d want to have tools that enable us to work with colleagues, regardless of where they are in the world.  And to make sure you always have the tools you need, brings you real-time, collaborative diagramming for Confluence Cloud.  Now you and your colleagues to work on the same diagram simultaneously.

Seamless Work Flow

Working on a document in Confluence as a team is a huge time saver, so why not with diagrams in  There are so many benefits when collaborating and seeing your edits and changes in real-time.  Being able to collaborate on a task at the same time promotes efficiency, teamwork, and transparency.  There is also less margin for error because the whole team knows what everyone else is working on.

Collaborative Diagramming 101

In a nutshell, the built-in, auto-save feature in is how real-time diagramming works.  All changes you make are automatically saved, essentially creating a “save point,” which will then appear for whoever else is editing the diagram.

Take a look at the new feature in action:


What if…

  • …more than one person places a shape on the drawing area, at the same time and location?
    The shapes will just overlap one another.  All you have to do to see the shape that’s underneath is click and drag whatever shape is on top to a new location!
  • you add a shape to an existing shape, and then someone deletes the existing shape?  Does this also delete the new shape you added?
    No! Your shape will still be there when the page autosaves.  Only the existing shape (and it’s associated connector) will be deleted, leaving your lovely new shape untouched.

We hope you and your team will enjoy working with this new feature.  Need help or have comments about it?  Let us know! We love hearing from our friends.

Want to learn more Why not head over to our learning page to see what other kinds of cool tips and tricks your team can pick up? We also have the YouTube channel where you can see first-hand how to create the diagrams you need.  Until next time, happy diagramming.