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You can use Venn diagrams to group, compare and contrast anything based on their shared or different traits.

For example, you can use Venn diagrams to:

  • classify groups of users of your computer system based on the permissions they will be assigned or the tasks they will perform.
  • illustrate internal and external content creation tasks for helping new employees get up to speed quickly.
  • help customers choose between products by comparing and contrasting their features.

You’ve probably come across quite a number throughout school – especially in the sciences like biology and geology. Of course, they are also used extensively in maths, but their use in set theory and visual logic proofs may have been enough to make you want to tear Venn’s hair out 🙂

Practical applications of Venn diagrams

Teachers use Venn diagrams to show students the similarities and differences between groups of things: animal families, language learning (differences in spelling/pronunciation/meaning), countries’ cultures, story and character elements in literature, etc.

User experience designers can use Venn diagrams to classify user groups based on their needs and the features they want to use of the software.

Project managers will often use Venn diagrams to illustrate and then choose what features they want to work on in their projects – minimum, ideal, practical – or by grouping feature requests by their different stakeholder groups.

HR staff can use Venn diagrams in a number of ways. For examples, they can visualize the overlap of responsibilities between departments, locations or teams to help onboard new staff more effectively; ensure that professional development activities is evenly planned for all departments or groups of employees. They can also be used to encourage staff balance their time and prioritize effectively.

Content creators and managers, including marketing employees, graphics designers and corporate publications staff often include Venn diagrams in their infographics and presentations.

Database administrators and programmers use Venn diagrams to plan how to classify the information their databases hold, so that people can filter results and find what they are searching for.

Medical researchers, doctors and psychologists use Venn diagrams all the time to classify and contrast illnesses and disorders based on shared symptoms or genes.

Customers may create a Venn diagram when deciding which of two or more (expensive) products or services to purchase. Make it easy for them, and create one for them!

Creating Venn diagrams with

It’s easy to create Venn and Euler diagrams in – there are several templates that you can choose to use, even including extended Euler diagrams (spider diagrams).

  1. When you create a new diagram, select Venn in the left hand side of the template diagram. As there are many styles of Venn diagrams, you can scroll on the right to find the type of diagram that suits your needs best.
  2. Then select the template on the right, and click Create. - Venn and Euler diagram templates

The template will be opened in the drawing area, and you can start editing the diagram contents just as you normally would. - create a Venn diagram from a template