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As you already may know, the Atlassian Summit in Vegas was canceled due to the outbreak of Covid-19.  No one was as disappointed as we were that we couldn’t meet all our friends in person. However, Atlassian wanted to still offer their beloved Summit in remote form!  That’s right, you can still visit the summit and rub virtual elbows while networking remotely so be sure to drop by Atlassian Remote Summit 2020 to chit chat with us about

Say “Hello” to team

The remote summit will take place from April 1st until April 2nd and will be there, hosting our virtual booth!  We love a good diagramming conversation so come and chat with us, one-on-one with one of our summit team reps.  Once you register for the event, you will have the option to visit our vendor page where you will have an overview of the virtual booth.

Due to the challenges of a remote summit, we will not be able to provide you with a demo during the actual event.  You will, however, have the option to schedule a demo after remote summit is over.

How to sign up

You can visit Atlassian’s Remote Summit landing page which will give you information about their decision to host the event virtually.  You will then have the option to go to the sign up page to register for the live event.

Be sure to visit the schedule page so you don’t miss out on the informative keynote speeches, talks and other events.

A year in growth

Back in October we wrote about the features that we added to since our last visit to the Summit.  From Filtered Views to Comments on diagrams in Confluence, we were busy adding functionality to make work better for you.  Have you been using the new features?  Chat with us and let us know!

Since the Atlassian Summit in April 2019, we’ve added several new features to

We hope to see you soon at our virtual booth at Atlassian Remote Summit 2020 to talk about all things and diagramming!