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It’s no secret that is the most highly rated diagramming tool on Atlassian’s Marketplace.  Apart from being easy to use, there are many different kinds of diagrams that you can create for use in your Confluence.  From org charts, UML diagrams, and flow charts all the way to infographics – has something for everyone. With such a rich feature set, we wanted to make sure that you always have access to information on how to use all of it! We’ve put together cheat sheets where you can see all the most useful keyboard shortcuts.  Keystrokes are for smart folks!

Download for both MacOS and Windows:

Keyboard Shortcuts

At some point, you’re going to advance your skills in and need something more comprehensive.  No problem, we also happen to have the full list of all the keyboard shortcuts available for

Ramp up your diagramming skills

Have you had a look at our Learning hub so you can extend your skills?  Whether you are new to and diagramming or are an advanced user that needs a refresher, there are tutorials for everyone.  Our step-by-step guides take out the guesswork and give you the tools to directly and efficiently set up the diagrams you need, no fuss.

Further information

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