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It’s one of these moments when you find out that self-organized teams really kick-ass. I just stumbled into a room where I thought I was entering the co-working area for our small team here in Wiesbaden, Germany. Instead of Inga and Diana, I found a crowd of people:

Training for

Training for

Training for

Inga helping others with adoption

I was pretty impressed. They were giving a test run of workshop that is due in the next days with a few co-workers. And they had created a cheat sheet for them to speed things up – this is what sets apart from the competing solutions we see for Atlassian Confluence and Jira. I have always struggled with the fact that there are still people out there who are stuck repeating following mistakes (at least what I consider to be mistakes):

  1. Using .vsdx diagrams
    Many legacy projects and traditional customers have a lot of vsdx files. And although they have suffered through the pain of version conflicts, difficulties sharing diagrams and the lack of collaborative support in their internal processes using vsdx files, they keep on using them. How come? Why don’t they see what is possible with an integrated, fully versioned and audit- and certification-compliant solution?
  2. Using an old solution
    There is this old solution from Gliffy that used to be the first marketplace add-on heavily endorsed by Atlassian themselves. A lot of their growth and popularity was most likely directly caused by Atlassian’s marketing. And while it’s an “okay”ish solution, it has not matured or grown in features and options in the past few years (at all). I no longer understand customers who choose to adopt it over Fortunately we do not see this happen often any more. If this is news to you, take a look at our comparision page for Confluence Cloud diagramming solutions.

draw-io_shortcuts_basic_win_161031_en                                                draw-io_shortcuts_basic_mac_161031_en

Download shortcut PDF for Windows                               Download shortcut PDF for Mac

I am always asking myself how we could help people not fall for these mistakes so easily. Education was one of the ideas of our list. Now during this training session, I saw this cheat sheet that really leads the way.

Thanks team. You rock!