You’re ready to start creating more complex diagrams! You should be comfortable inserting and formatting shapes, drawing connectors and inserting text. Plus in the last exercise, you used some more advanced formatting to create your tree.

In this exercise, you will create a flow chart, with a very important theme – drinking coffee!

Your tasks:

Create a new diagram to match the one you see below these instructions.

  • A light blue background circle.
  • Create the diagram in the foreground:
    • Insert shapes from the shape library.
      (Search terms: cloud, cylinder, user, ellipse, callout, coffee)
    • Add connectors.
    • Add text and format everything.
  • Save the diagram.

You can download this example flow chart here – right click on the link and save.

Positioning shapes

You can move shapes to the foreground or background by using the Arrange tab on the format panel on the right. Select a shape and click To Front or To Back.

Alternatively, you can use the icons in the toolbar next to the delete icon.

Searching for shapes

You can search for shapes in the symbol library – the search field is at the top.

You can modify these shapes once you have inserted them in your diagram, by using the format panel on the right.

Need help?

If you need help with editing shapes, adding and formatting connectors and entering text, refer back to the detailed explanations at the bottom of the earlier exercises:

Now that you are comfortable working with all the shapes, connectors, labels and styles, we’ll dive a little deeper. In the next exercise, you’ll learn how to embed images in your diagram and work with layers.

Tutorial exercise 7: Creating diagrams with layers and images