Reading Time: 5 min

What you are going to learn in this tutorial

  • Use the shape search to add shapes to your diagram
  • Position shapes via the Arrange tab on the Format panel


You’re ready to start creating more complex diagrams! You should be comfortable inserting and formatting shapes, drawing connectors and inserting text. Plus in the last exercise, you used some more advanced formatting to create your tree.

In this exercise, you will create a flow chart, with a very important theme – drinking coffee!

Diagram example: Drinking Coffee


Add shapes to your diagram

  • Insert all of the shapes you need, using the library search panel and the search terms
    • cloud
    • cylinder
    • user
    • ellipse
    • callout
    • coffee
  • Add connectors and text according to our example above
Search for custom shapes

Positioning shapes

  • Create a light blue background circle and adjust the size.
  • Move the circle to the background by using the Arrange tab on the format panel on the right. Select the shape and click To Back.

Alternatively, you can use the icons in the toolbar next to the Delete icon.

Send shape to back

One more thing…

If you need help with editing shapes, adding and formatting connectors and entering text, refer back to the detailed explanations at the bottom of the earlier exercises:

Now that you are comfortable working with all the shapes, connectors, labels and styles, we’ll dive a little deeper. In the next exercise, you’ll learn how to embed images in your diagram and work with layers.

Tutorial exercise 7: Creating diagrams with layers and images