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Below are the new prices that will come into effect as of the 2nd Feburary 2022 for for Confluence Server only (Data Centre and Cloud as not affected):

User Tier New License Purchase Price (USD)
10 10
25 400
50 750
100 1,500
250 3,000
User Tier New License Purchase Price (USD)
500 6,000
2,000 10,000
10,000 18,000
Unlimited 25,000


Why are prices increasing?

Like Atlassian, we have shifted focus to our Cloud and Data Center offerings. The economics of the server app have fundamentally changed now that server is end of life in 2024, we have to adapt to this reality.

Are prices on DC or Cloud increasing at the same time?


Can I avoid paying the higher price?

Confluence Server is end of life on 2nd Feburary 2024. The reason for us changing the prices exactly two years before that is that it is possible to renew for a maximum of 2 years. This means it’s possible to renew up to the end of life of the host Confluence Server.

If you renew on or before 2nd Feburary 2022, you can renew at the existing, lower price for the rest of the supported life of the product, without ever paying the higher price.

What if I do not intend to be on Server for the whole 2 years?

If you switch from Confluence Server to DC or Cloud and have credit left on your server license, we will credit the cash value of the remaining number of whole months left on the license to your DC or cloud purchase. You will not need overlapping paid licenses during your switchover.

Need more information?

Should you have any questions please contact us.