It’s easy to work with files of other formats in

One of the more common diagramming formats, especially used in large companies, is the .vsdx format. Because not everyone in the company has access to this diagramming tool, they can use to open, edit and export vsdx diagrams. is an excellent alternative when you don’t want to have to purchase licenses for the popular (and expensive) desktop tool!

Importing a .vsdx file

  1. In click File > Import from > Device. Alternatively you can select to load a diagram from one of the cloud services in the menu.
  2. Select your .vsdx file and click Open.

Your diagram will be shown in the drawing area and it’s ready to be edited

Use the menu to import a file.

Or, a quicker way is to simply drag the file onto the drawing area.

The imported .vsdx file is ready to be edited!

Export a .vsdx file from

It’s just as easy to export a diagram from to the .vsdx format.

  1. Click File > Export as > VSDX.
  2. Enter a name for your file, and download it, or save it to one of the cloud services.

Use the menu to export your diagram.

Give your diagram a file name and download it or save it to a cloud service.

It’s now easier than ever to collaborate on diagramming, no matter what tool you use. Use to let everyone in your company view and edit diagrams!

To see these features in action, watch the video below.