Learn draw.io within draw.io

In our final installment of our learning series, we’re going to showcase our interactive tutorials.  What sets them apart from regular tutorials is that you will learn to create a diagram, within the diagram creation process itself.  Many times, learning a new skill or software requires you to have several different windows or tabs open.  You’re jumping around from the window where you’re watching the tutorial video and then back to the workspace.

No jumping around with our interactive tutorials!  Stay within Confluence, and draw.io’s workspace to create your diagrams with no distractions.

Our current collection of guides

From rookie to master, we have just the guide to suit your level:

Beginners Guide

Nine steps to get started quickly with draw.io:

  • Learn how to navigate through the canvas
  • Find the right tools and panels on the draw.io interface
  • Work with shapes, text, colors, links and images

Layers Guide

Think and work in layers to structure complex diagrams:

  • Work with the layer panel
  • Add, lock, order and duplicate layers
  • Add and move shapes to and between layers


Learn how to connect shapes like a pro:

  • Differentiate between fixed and floating connectors
  • Adjust connectors and work with waypoints
  • Get to know different styling options
  • Learn shortcuts and advanced tips

Interactive Shapes

Toggle parts of your diagram on and off after creating an interactive diagram with custom links and actions:

  • Work with layers and layer IDs
  • Add custom links and create toggle buttons
  • Create an interactive floor plan

Download a tutorial

When you’re on our interactive tutorials page,  you will see previews of the tutorials and download buttons below each of them.  When you click the download button, a window will appear, showing you what to do next:

  1. Open Confluence
  2. Open draw.io (blank diagram)
  3. Drag & drop your XML file onto your empty drawing area
  4. Have fun! (the most crucial step)

Navigating within the Interactive Tutorial

Once you’ve embedded the .XML file into your new draw.io diagram, you should see the page tabs along the bottom of the workspace.  Navigate through the page tabs at your own pace, being sure to go through them in order.  Follow the instructions on the page to perform the task to move onto the next step.

Never stop learning!

Now that you’ve had a chance to take a look at our learning section through our last four blog posts, that doesn’t mean you need to stop learning draw.io.  There’s always something new and useful to discover.  Perhaps you may even find new ways to use diagramming in your work.  We hope you let us know because we love to hear from you.

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