»Keyboard Shortcuts – Keystrokes for Smart Folks«

draw.io Shortcuts

Get things done faster with keyboard shortcuts for your most used functions to work more efficiently.  We’ve made the most important shortcuts available in a handy PDF overview. Take a look at the extended shortcuts overview for more tips and tricks by clicking the shortcut button down below the table!

Insert textDouble click on drawing area or shape Insert text Double click on drawing area or shape
Connect and clone shapeClick on blue arrow Connect and clone shape Click on blue arrow
Rotate shape or textClick on symbol / hold + drag Rotate shape or text Click on symbol / hold + drag
SaveCtrl + S Save Ctrl + S
UndoCtrl + Z Undo Ctrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y Redo Ctrl + Y
Zoom in / outCtrl/Alt + Mouse wheel Zoom in / out Ctrl/Alt + Mouse wheel
Pan canvasSpace / Right mouse + drag Pan canvas Space / Right mouse + drag
Reset viewCtrl + H Reset view Ctrl + H
Fit windowCtrl + Shift + H Fit window Ctrl + Shift + H
CopyCtrl + C Copy Ctrl + C
CutCtrl + X Cut Ctrl + X
PasteCtrl + V Paste Ctrl + V
DuplicateAlt + Ctrl + D / Enter Duplicate Alt + Ctrl + D / Enter
DeleteBackspace / Delete Delete Backspace / Delete
Delete including connectionsCtrl + Delete / Backspace Delete including connections Ctrl + Delete / Backspace
Maintain proportionsShift + Resize Maintain proportions Shift + Resize
Centered resizeCtrl + Resize Centered resize Ctrl + Resize
Resize cell (grid size)Ctrl + Shift + Cursor Resize cell (grid size) Ctrl + Shift + Cursor
Ignore handles under mouseHold Alt + move Ignore handles under mouse Hold Alt + move
Move cell (grid size)Shift + Cursor Move cell (grid size) Shift + Cursor
Select allCtrl + A Select all Ctrl + A
Toggle selection stateCtrl / Shift + Click Toggle selection state Ctrl / Shift + Click
Select verticesCtrl + Shift + I Select vertices Ctrl + Shift + I
Select edgesCtrl + Shift + E Select edges Ctrl + Shift + E
Extended Shortcuts