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Good news for the Cloud!

The buzz of Atlassian and the Cloud has been on everyone’s lips.  As an Atlassian Marketplace vendor, we’ve also been buzzing in the background to ensure our Cloud customers benefit.

The Atlassian Loyalty Program offers discounts to customers with an active license or subscription for Atlassian Server and Data Center products that are valid until February 2nd, 2021.  If the criteria are met, and you move to at least 1,001+ users in the Cloud, migrating before July 1st, 2021, you can take advantage of the three-year Loyalty Pricing Program.

Atlassian Marketplace vendors have the opportunity to opt-in to participate in the program.  Good news for you: is participating in the Atlassian Loyalty Pricing Program.  This means you can take advantage of the same discounts for our apps, too.

Wrap-up: You will be eligible if you…

  1. …have a for Confluence/Jira Server license or a for Confluence/Jira Data Center subscription before February 2nd, 2021.
  2. …plan to migrate upwards of 1,001+ users.
  3. …purchase for Confluence/Jira Cloud at the same time as your Confluence/Jira Cloud subscription.
  4. …migrate to Cloud by July 1st, 2021.


To take advantage of the loyalty pricing in general, you must utilize the Atlassian Cloud migration trial first.

Further Information

Here at, we’re always focused on giving you the best and most secure diagramming experience.  Should you have any questions about the Loyalty Pricing Program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will always prioritize making your decision-making process as easy for you or your customers.


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