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You’re not seeing things, it’s still July.  But we’ve been able to share so many new features the last few weeks that it’s felt like Christmas!  To go along with the revamped table features, being able to double click to add a new shape and a slew of new video content, we’re adding new styling options to that list.

Brand new color schemes and sketch styling

On the right-hand side of your canvas, in the format panel, you may have noticed that there’s a tab called Style now.  You’ll see the color schemes as well as other styling options that you can check or uncheck.  You can mouse over each of the color schemes to preview how it will look with your diagram.  Click o the little dots at the bottom of the color panels to see the next page of color schemes.

Leaving the options unchecked will give you a solid fill of color on your shapes.  Checking Sketch will give the fill a hand-drawn look.

Exporting tips for printed work (Confluence Cloud only)

You’ll see that a few of the color schemes create a background that’s not white.  The export in .pdf format allows you to save with a transparent background.  This is super handy should you need to print your document at a later time.

To do this:

  1. Go to the menu bar,
  2. select file,
  3. select export as and select the format you need,
  4. and check the Transparent Background checkbox.

You should now have a file that has a transparent background that’s ready to be printed!

What else can you do with the styling?

As you saw above, you can make your diagram look hand-drawn by selecting Sketch in the Style format panel.  To see how to do more with the sketch feature in, head on over to our article introducing’s new sketch feature.

If you want to add text to your shapes and diagrams, but wanted to use one to fit your company brand, for example, check out our post on how to use external fonts in

We love hearing from you!

Have you already had a go at customizing and styling your diagrams with this new feature?  Let us know. With hashtag #stylewithdrawio on social media, you can show off all of your creations.  Until next time, happy diagramming!