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Do you remember the last time you learned how to use a new piece of software? If so, then you probably remember constantly jumping back and forth between the software in one window and the instruction manual in another. You might have been lucky enough to have been working on multiple screens, but not even that resolves all the confusion you might face during the onboarding process. Are you in charge of introducing new software to your company? Is it your responsibility to train employees how to use this new software? We understand how challenging that can be: you have to train employees with varying levels of technical knowledge; creating a training plan that achieves a broad level of understanding takes a lot of time and effort!

Here’s a few insights we’ve gathered while talking with customers over the past few months on this topic:

  • “During the test phase, we need to be able to evaluate the software in an uncomplicated manner. It’s essential that we’re able to quickly familiarize ourselves with it. Personally, I don’t need much time to familiarize myself with the software. But the more people I need to teach it to, the longer it takes!”
  • “With the Go-Live, we’ve created a comprehensive how-to section for each of our products in Confluence. Creating these guides is time-consuming; it takes a lot of our company resources!”
  • “Team members from all departments found ways that they could visualize with – but they could only after we showed them the versatility of the application!”

Learn in

Based on the feedback we received from entries into for Confluence, we’re determined to focus on preventing media breaks as much as possible as well as offering onboarding as self-service.

Nowadays, learning new software is a very visual activity. Since is a solution for the visualization of content, why not map the process directly in To support this, we’ve developed the Beginners Guide tutorial, a solution embedded in You’ll learn the basic functions of in just nine steps with .gif animations guiding you along the way. You can follow along and implement what you’ve learned in the Beginners Guide directly in yourself.

You would like to use the Beginners Guide in your own Confluence environment?  No problem! You can export the tutorial as an XML document and then drag & drop to import it into your editor in Conflluence.  Afterwards, you can use the Beginners Guide to create a selectable template. Learn how this all works at and

The Beginners Guide tutorial is a brand new feature which we would be more than happy for you to try it out!  Don’t forget to let us know what you think about it.  Are there certain features that you’d like to see in future versions?  Would you like us to extend our tutorials to include a more in-depth look into functions? Also, we’d like to hear if you would consider using these functions and recommend them to others.  We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.