Introducing Data Governance in our Standard plan is a security-first diagramming app for Atlassian products. Diagram data only lives in your computer memory, or as an attachment to a Confluence page or Jira issue.Data residencyAtlassian has implemented data residency options for Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud. This means that all of the primary data stored in your Confluence and/or Jira instance [...]

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Differences between for Confluence Cloud and Data Center/Server

There are very few differences between the Cloud and Data Center/Server versions of for Atlassian’s Confluence. If you know how to create diagrams in on one, you know how to use it on the other. In both Confluence Cloud and Confluence Data Center/Server, the security and privacy of your data is critical. When [...]

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Supercharge your diagramming in Confluence #1 rated app at the Atlassian Marketplace Get your free trial Book a demo Build compelling visuals in no time Create diagrams in minutes without previous experience. Edit and style diagrams with an intuitive [...]

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The easiest way for Confluence teams to collaborate using diagrams The leading solution for Confluence. More installs than all the others, combined. Best-in-class security. Begin your journey with the #1 rated app. Get your free trial Be more productive [...]

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Migration from Confluence Server – all your related options

Atlassian Server EOL Atlassian announced the End of Life for their server products by 2024 and the sale of new server licenses by February 21st, 2021. It’s up to you to decide your best course of action, but remember the team is here to help with your diagramming needs. Over the next few months [...]

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Video Tutorials

Learn! – Jump in and get started with Tutorials Learn with our collection of video tutorials.  Whether you're new to or diagramming, the materials are there to help you create professional looking diagrams, quickly and easily. Visit us on YouTube 0:46 [...]

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The ecosystem of integrations

Reading Time: 12 min We want to provide a free, high quality diagramming software tool that everyone can use, no matter where they work. Because is open source, as is the diagram format, there are so many integrations available! Where are you using

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Add a diagram to a Jira issue

Many companies use Jira for task management: software development teams, business management, marketing teams, help desks, you name it - all departments can take advantage of Jira's powerful features to coordinate their projects. You can attach diagrams directly to the issues where they belong by using the app for Jira. This saves [...]

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