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As was the Platinum sponsor for the first ever Summit Europe 2017, we wanted to celebrate in style with a grand competition. Leonardo was the happy winner of a brand new MacBook, and his winning diagram, illustrating his daily routine, was a masterpiece!

Leonardo's winning competition entry!

Leonardo’s winning competition entry!

Leonardo’s opinion of

We asked Leonardo what he thought of, and this is what he had to say:

First off, I must say that this is an easy tool to build up your ideas into diagrams and tell your story. You don’t need any type of training, as the tool is pretty straightforward and intuitive.

Nowadays we’re used with poor diagram tools where you can’t do much, and to achieve good results you’ll need to spend many hours learning how to use those tools first.

With the story was different, after opening the tool I was able to see everything at a glance. The search bar was really beneficial to search icons. The area to build the diagram has this type of infinite scrolling where I found very useful since some ideas are difficult to add into a A4 size.

My Idea was to be really creative about my daily routine and at the same time to show what the tool is capable of. I found really easy adding png images from the web and dropping into the tool, and this made my life so much easier since I wanted images that wasn’t available in the tool.

Having the option of selecting the HEX color code for the diagrams was pretty handy, so I could make sure I was using a consistent color code.

My overall experience was really satisfactory and I was able to fully add my idea to the diagram.

Thanks for sharing your opinion about, Leonardo, and we hope you are enjoying your MacBook!

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