Gliffy vs

One of the most common questions we get is "Why should we switch from Gliffy to" There are many reasons why, and one of the most important (other than's unbeatable price), is that you'll save a heap of time every time you work with a diagram!

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AdNovum Informatik AG: A Gliffy Mass Importer Case Study

What better way to show you the advantages of making the switch from Gliffy to than to give you insight into our customer’s journey. Back in 2017, we had the opportunity to show AdNovum Informatik AG how to make diagramming work for them with AdNovum Informatik AG is a software development and IT security [...]

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Gliffy Mass Import Portal relaunch

Migration is not just for the birds Gliffy may be the oldest diagramming app in the Atlassian world, but has been the highest-rated Confluence app in the Marketplace since 2013 for a reason.  We can have you up and running with in 3 steps, so bring all your Gliffy files with you [...]

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Keep your diagrams on premises with

With the rising popularity of cloud collaboration, it is not surprising that some diagramming software providers are exiting the on-premises market. You don't have to worry about that with Lucidchart has recently announced that they will begin sunsetting (kill or cancel to the rest of us) their Confluence Server and Data Center apps, [...]

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