Your diagram data is private and secure with

When you work on a diagram in Confluence Server or Cloud, the data is only stored as page attachments within Confluence, nowhere else. Your diagram data is never sent to our servers during save/load, even in transit. On Confluence Server/DC, in the default setup, no diagram data is ever sent externally under any conditions. [...]

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With the GDPR enforcement date of 25th May approaching, we’ve decided to make our privacy and data handling process as public and open as possible. Virtually all companies hide behind fuzzy text like “we employ industry standard practices”. They give you no idea whether your personal data is secure or who can use it. [...]

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How to quickly remove sensitive information from diagrams

Reading Time: 4 min Do you want to share the layout of a diagram but not the text, metadata or links it contains? It's easy when you use the anonymize plugin for - just one click, and replaces all text and labels within the diagram with random characters, and removes both metadata and links from all shapes, connectors and text elements.

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