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draw.io Training – Exercise 9: Create your own custom library

Reading Time: 7 min Custom libraries make working with your own graphics and icons a breeze. You can quickly and easily import your own libraries and use your custom shapes. Alternatively, you can create a custom library from an existing diagram, as you will learn how to do in this exercise.

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draw.io Training – Exercise 6: Work with the shape libraries

Reading Time: 5 min You're ready to start creating more complex diagrams! You should be comfortable inserting and formatting shapes, drawing connectors and inserting text. Plus in the last exercise, you used some more advanced formatting to create your tree. In this exercise, you will create a flow chart, with a very important theme - drinking coffee!

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draw.io Training – Exercise 3: Edit a diagram – change the shapes

Reading Time: 9 min In this draw.io exercise you aren't just changing the colors, but you will change their shapes, sizes and rotations, as well as copy multiple shapes.

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UML communication diagrams

Reading Time: 4 min Communication diagrams are another way to visualize the information more commonly represented by UML sequence diagrams. They are simpler than sequence diagrams and only show the messages that pass between the objects. See how you can create UML communication diagrams with draw.io.

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Shape styles in draw.io

Reading Time: 7 min By editing key:value pairs in draw.io (Edit > Edit Style, Cmd or Ctrl+E), you gain complete control over how your shapes and connectors appear in your diagrams. There are hundreds of key:value pairs that can be customized - open these sample diagrams in draw.io to see what is possible.

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Change a shape’s properties quickly and easily in draw.io

Reading Time: 5 min Create mockups faster with draw.io by editing a complex shape's properties. The new Properties panel lets you customise every aspect of your shapes, quickly and easily.

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Interactive diagrams with custom links and actions

Reading Time: 7 min With draw.io you can use custom links, similar to hotspots that perform actions, which can be used toggle the display of groups of shapes on or off, or perform other useful actions.

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Create a Container Shape in draw.io

Reading Time: 2 min Any shape in draw.io can be turned into a container - a shape containing several other shapes. Containers are useful for indicating groups of steps or sub-processes in a flow chart, collections of data, or groups within a hierarchy.

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