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We had a blast at Atlassian Summit Europe 2018, and were thrilled with how many people are interested in both diagramming in general, and specifically.

And it wouldn’t be as fun without you – our colleagues and friends, partners and customers! We must give special mention to those who made this year especially memorable.

Co-hosts and booth mates

Firstly, to our co-hosts at the information session the day before Summit: Linchpin, cPrime and StepShot. It was great collaborating with you to help partners and customers learn more about our apps and solutions. We must give a shout out to Ambientia who turned up to the session with their entire crew – it was fantastic to meet you all!

And another thanks to our booth mates, cPrime – it was great getting to spend these couple of days with you 😉

Tapas – the best start to Summit Europe!

It’s turning into a delicious tradition! This year’s tapas night, organized by Comalatech, Deiser and K15t was definitely one of our highlights. Such amazing food, and great company – thank you!

To all customers, partners and Atlassians

And of course, a final big thank you to you – all the partners, customers and Atlassian employees who stopped by the booth during Summit!

Customizing on stage!

As a Diamond Sponsor, we were asked to do a presentation in Theater A. It was actually hard to pin down which feature of or which aspect of diagramming would be most helpful. But we decided to talk about customizing as we’ve had several customers ask for it, and we think that it can offer existing users massive time savings.

David Benson’s presentation was over-attended, there were people sitting on the ground and standing behind the back row, all the way to the door!