As you have probably heard, Atlassian has announced End of Life for their Server products.  This means they will no longer be available for new purchases as of February 2021. From February 2nd 2023 on, you will also no longer be able to purchase new Server licenses for apps), and that Data Center will become the only self-managed solution.  With this post, we want to just give you the information on the new Data Center pricing in relation to

We decided on the price increase to reflect the effort we have invested in for the past year and the value it created for you.  Also, the list price of for Confluence Data Center will increase to reflect our DC investment in line with Atlassian’s pricing model and schedule. Additionally, there will no longer be a shared effort with the Server product line.

New Pricing

Below are the new prices that will come into effect as of the 2nd of February, 2021 (Confluence Data Center only): List Prices

User Tier Annual Price (USD)
500 6,000
1,000 8,000
2,000 10,000
3,000 12,000
4,000 13,000
5,000 14,000
10,000 18,000
User Tier Annual Price (USD)
15,000 19,000
20,000 20,000
25,000 21,000
30,000 22,000
35,000 23,000
40,000 24,000
unlimited 25,000 Advantaged Prices

If you are an existing customer, as of February 2nd, 2021, you qualify for our Advantaged Pricing program. This includes existing Data Center customers, as well as for Confluence Server customers who migrate to Data Center after this date.  This is dependent upon the customer staying at the same amount of users (there will be exceptions for user tiers that don’t exist in Server).

To take advantage of this program please head on over to our public wiki page to request your voucher once your subscription is about to end.

User Tier Annual Price (USD)
500 3,600
1,000 4,800
2,000 6,500
3,000 7,200
4,000 7,800
5,000 8,400
10,000 10,800
User Tier Annual Price (USD)
15,000 11,400
20,000 12,000
25,000 12,600
30,000 13,200
35,000 13,800
40,000 14,400
Unlimited 15,000

Migration Prices

Lastly, if you are not an existing customer on February 2nd, 2021 but migrate from another diagramming tool to for Confluence Data Center afterward, we still have you covered.  When you switch over to, we will grant the Advantaged Pricing scheme for the initial subscription for a period of one year.  After the first year, you will have to pay the regular subscription price.  Please check out the link above to request the voucher.

Still, need information?

We want to make any changes or decisions you are considering as easy as possible for you. We want to remain transparent in terms of what Atlassian’s changes mean for you and your organization, and our goal was and will continue to be, providing you with the help you need to solve your diagramming needs.  Should you have any questions regarding the information we’ve given you, please contact us.