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We all know that for Confluence helps you intuitively translate your thoughts and information into graphs, charts, and multitudes of other visual representations to help you more effectively communicate and share information in the business place. It’s fully integrated with Confluence, so you and your entire team can collaborate in creating diagrams and share them in real-time.

But when you’re brainstorming, you need that clean, uncluttered whiteboard. And now gives you just that along with a powerful but simplified editor. It’s the new board macro in Confluence Cloud.

The new board macro lets you easily embed whiteboard-style diagrams in Confluence Cloud pages. It’s a new feature for’s integration with Confluence Cloud, and it’s the new, best way to pluck those ideas from the air during a wild brainstorming session and document them quickly before they manage to fly away.

The details

When you add or edit a diagram using the board macro, it uses the sketch diagram editor theme, with the sketch shape and connector styles set as the default global style. The diagram editor has a white non-paginated background and no gridlines so it feels more like a whiteboard. It’s the ideal canvas for your team’s brilliant ideas, and thanks to its seamless integration with Confluence, your entire team can collaborate, view, add ideas, and share the results.

Everyone’s literally on the same page.

Same – Different channel

Just like the you know and love, board macro lets you easily select it while opening your Confluence Cloud page. You get access to all the most important menus when you need them. You can work with basic shapes or access an endless variety of shape libraries (either built-in or created by you). Use the format panel to add some color or tweak the style of your creations. You can even use your mouse to draw freehand images or text with a transparent background.

And, if you’re working in a sun-drenched conference room at high noon, or burning the midnight oil late into the night, board macro even offers an eye-friendly dark mode to keep the squinting and headaches to a minimum. You get all of the productivity with none of the distractions.

And, of course, you get all of the best-in-class security features that for Confluence already offers every day.

Security, collaboration, peace of mind, teamwork, and a tool that just works, intuitively to do what you need to get done.

See for yourself

Check out the video below for a first-hand peek at the features, ease of use, and just plain clean good looks that our board macro has to offer.

And for more on how can help find the diagramming answers you need, visit our YouTube Channel, or book a free demo to learn all about the limitless possibilities of!