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Diagrams help you visually plan, debug problems and explain solutions quickly and clearly. This is why it makes sense to be able to attach and display them in your Jira Cloud issues.

Here are some situations where diagrams help you understand the information quickly.

  • Existing infrastructure diagrams on a network upgrade or troubleshooting issue.
  • Existing software UML diagrams to issues for new features.
  • Flow chart explaining the steps to resolve a customer’s problem.
  • Proposed layout of a conference floor to an event planning issue.
  • BPMN diagrams on any issues raised to improve business processes.

Add diagrams directly to Jira issues

Instead of pasting in an image of your diagrams into an issue description, the app for Jira Cloud lets you embed diagrams in issues in three different ways:

  • Store the diagram file in the issue itself.
  • Embed a diagram from Google Drive.
  • Embed a diagram from OneDrive.

If you choose the latter of the two options, you won’t be able to edit the diagrams within the for Jira app. Any changes you make to the diagram file stored in Google Drive or OneDrive will automatically update the embedded diagrams in Jira issues.

Tip: You can embed diagrams from Google Drive and OneDrive into Confluence Cloud. A single diagram stored in your cloud storage platform can be embedded in multiple places – multiple Jira Cloud issues and Confluence Cloud pages – and automatically updated.

Display the Diagrams section in your Jira issues

By default, this section is not displayed in Jira issues to keep them as uncluttered as possible.

  • Click on the icon above the issue description to display the Diagrams section.
Jira Cloud display section 1

Add a new diagram to a Jira issue

  1. If you decide to store the diagram file in the Jira issue, click on Add diagram.
  2. Create your diagram in the editor. When you save your diagram, you’ll be prompted to provide a filename.

Your diagram will be added as an attached file to the issue, and the Diagrams section will show it as a thumbnail. Click on the diagram thumbnail in this section to view it in the lightbox, or hover over the thumbnail and click on the pencil icon in the toolbar to edit the attached diagram.

Embed a diagram stored in Google Drive or OneDrive

Just like you can embed diagram files stored in Google Drive or OneDrive in Confluence Cloud, you can embed them into Jira Cloud issues.

  1. Click the Embed Diagram button in the Diagrams section.
  2. Select the Google Drive or the OneDrive tab. If you haven’t allowed to access your files on the platform you selected, click the blue Authorize button, and follow the prompts to allow access.
  3. Click Choose, search for and select the diagram you want to embed in the Jira issue.
  4. Check that the preview is of the correct diagram and click Submit.

Similar to how a diagram is attached to the issue, an embedded diagram adds an attachment specifying where the embedded file is located. A thumbnail will appear in the Diagrams section. Click on this thumbnail to see the diagram in the lightbox.

See which diagram is embedded and which is attached: When you hover over the thumbnail, the lack of the pencil edit icon in the toolbar shows you that the embedded diagram can not be edited from within Jira Cloud.

Jira Cloud edit diagram

Get for Jira Cloud from the Atlassian Marketplace

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Note: Embedding diagrams from the OneDrive and Google Drive cloud platforms is a feature available in for Jira Cloud.