About us

“Provide free, high quality diagramming software for everyone”

Disrupting the Business of Diagramming

draw.io is an open source technology stack for building diagramming applications, and the world’s most widely used browser-based end-user diagramming applications.

We promise you we won’t hide your data from you and will always give you some way to open and edit that data, at no cost. When companies pay us money it should be because we add value, not because they are locked in.

Our mission statement is “provide free, high quality diagramming software for everyone”. Why?

  • Diagramming software is worth $1B+ annually, but nothing is happening in the field that justifies this sales volume. We are disrupting the industry with a new business model.

  • Our model is based on the viral effect of a free application. When you share a draw.io diagram, you know anyone can open and edit it.

  • SaaS apps have a trust problem. Currently, vendors provide both the application and store your data, then charge you monthly to access it. That’s good for them, bad for you. We’re changing that.