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  • Best-in-class security.

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No other diagramming app can match the speed with which you get started. Intuitive and powerful, it just gets out of your way.

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Communicate visually with the right diagram

Build flowcharts, UML and process diagrams, ERDs, org charts, mindmaps and much more – is made to make you look good.

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Build with your team together, in one place is designed for teams using Confluence, with unique features like Confluence-native collaborative editing.

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Enterprise grade privacy

  • Full control of data residency
  • Only you can access your data
  • No trackers, nothing injected
  • Data only stored in Confluence
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One-click migration

  • One-click import of Gliffy
  • Import and export Visio
  • Easy migration from Lucidchart
  • Embed from Google Drive and OneDrive
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The only trusted solution for Confluence Data Center

  • for Confluence Data Center is the only actively developed solution for DC
  • Privacy is in our DNA, we understand what behind the firewall really means
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More than 20 years
of diagramming expertise

99% of the Fortune 500 use our technology
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More installs than all the other native Atlassian diagramming apps combined