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When privacy is critical

Your compliance requirements mean you must know exactly where your data is sent. We enable you to have full control over that.

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A skilled success team helping you all through your working day. Rapid response for critical issues from the core development team.

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We’re focused on keeping your diagramming teams productive with guaranteed uptime and financially backed service credits.

Atlassian Cloud Fortified is one of a select few apps to meet Atlassian’s new enterprise-grade Cloud Fortified standard. Cloud Fortified apps adhere to strict security requirements surpassing the Atlassian Cloud Security program.

Platinum Top Vendor
With their outstanding performance and dedication, Platinum Top Vendors serve evolving customer needs for the long haul and set the bar for excellence in app development.

Data Security and Privacy

Data Governance
Specify location of endpoints.

Disable data transmission in all cases except between your browser and Atlassian Cloud.

Data Residency
Specify where diagram data is stored at rest.

Permission Handling
All diagram permissions follow that of the dedicated Confluence page permission.

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