»Learn draw.io within draw.io.«

Interactive Tutorials

We offer live hands-on training in your Confluence instance. All tutorials can be chosen from the draw.io template manager, so there are no media breaks between learning and training. The lessons consist of easy steps within draw.io that you can replicate on the canvas.

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Download and embed all of our tutorials in your Confluence instance. Need help making custom templates that are available in the draw.io template manager? – Check out our blog post for help


Beginners Guide

Nine steps to get started quickly with draw.io:

  • Learn how to navigate through the canvas
  • Find the right tools and panels on the draw.io interface
  • Work with shapes, text, colors, links and images


Layers Guide

Think and work in layers to structure complex diagrams:

  • Work with the layer panel
  • Add, lock, order and duplicate layers
  • Add and move shapes to and between layers


Connectors Guide

Learn how to connect shapes like a pro:

  • Differentiate between fixed and floating connectors
  • Adjust connectors and work with waypoints
  • Get to know different styling options
  • Learn shortcuts and advanced tips


Interactive Shapes Guide

Toggle parts of your diagram on and off after creating an interactive diagram with custom links and actions:

  • Work with layers and layer IDs
  • Add custom links and create toggle buttons
  • Create an interactive floor plan