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What better way to show you the advantages of making the switch from Gliffy to than to give you insight into our customer’s journey. Back in 2017, we had the opportunity to show AdNovum Informatik AG how to make diagramming work for them with

AdNovum Informatik AG is a software development and IT security company based in Zurich, with offices from Budapest to Singapore. With 600 employees, the creation, retention, and spread of information within the organization can be challenging.

AdNovum has since used for things like mapping their software architecture and IT infrastructure in a technical context or, for example, creating org charts and room plans for their daily business.

Gliffy at AdNovum: growing out of the functionality

We asked Nina Breu, Sr. Software Engineer what made them start looking into other options:

“We were missing some important features when using Gliffy. To create diagrams that included our corporate identity font, we had to use Visio. Using two applications at the same time was too cumbersome and too expensive. So we looked for a solution where we could store our font, our icons and our company colors. To be considered, a replacement application had to perform more efficiently.”

The AdNovum Wishlist: Customization & Import Functionality

For five months during 2017, a team of three tested and evaluated and all it had to offer. The company needed to extend their company branding to their diagrams, as well as migration functionality to bring over their 6700 Gliffy diagrams. And all of this over the company’s five Confluence instances!

Throughout the testing and evaluation phase, the AdNovum team and team worked very closely. We were able to continuously improve upon our migration script during this time, thanks to this collaboration.

The benefit for us is that for the last three years, we have been able to carry out the migration process with dozens of other customers. The benefit for you is that you now have a Gliffy Mass Importer with a guide that runs with a click of a button. 

The vast majority of our users never end up needing a customized script.  Should the circumstance arise, help is also just one click away so be sure to get in touch with us if you so we can help you adapt your script.

In our last blog post on the Gliffy Mass Import Portal relaunch, we mentioned that one of the hallmarks of is, that we love providing you all with a diagramming tool that continues to grow with you and your needs. We’ve been able to successfully carry out these migrations time and time again, with dozens of customers.

All’s well that ends well

Since the rollout in November of 2017, AdNovum successfully migrated all of the Gliffy diagrams over to, and the employees have been creating diagrams and visualizations customized to their company’s brand.

According to Nina Breu, is easier to use, with more extensive functionality and higher performance.

“We are pleased with the results so far and are confident that will support us well as we move from drawing to advanced modeling.”

We love hearing from you!

Have you carried out the Gliffy Mass Import and made the switch to  Then get in touch and share your success stories with us.