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At, we like to drag things. And at the same time, we have a great affinity for dropping them. And any time we can do both? Well, that’s what makes life worth living. If you agree, then is the diagramming tool for you! offers you the possibility to easily drag and drop images (PNG, JPG or SVG format as well as GIF files) onto your canvas and embed them into your diagram. It couldn’t possibly be more convenient to add images to your canvas, or could it?

Now the files you need no longer need to be stored on your computer or even on a file-sharing service to be embedded into your diagrams. If the images are available online, you can embed them directly from any browser window into How this works is simple.

Simply find the image you need in your browser of choice:

Funny cat pictures in your browser.

Hmmmmm… Decisions, decisions…

Funny cat.

Oh, yeah- nice choice!

Now, simply drag and drop that cat straight from the browser and onto your canvas:

Drag and drop images from browser.

And there you go! 😊

The more you know…

Of course, this is just one more piece of the “drag-and-drop” puzzle, and when you fit all of those pieces together, they reveal a diagramming solution with one overriding goal: to make your diagramming life easier.

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