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From one master diagram in Confluence Server, you can add multiple macros showing different layers on different pages within that diagram with the new filtering options.

Readers could always step through diagram pages in Confluence and enable or disable the various diagram layers using the toolbar that appears at the top of the viewer when you hover over the diagram. There is also the option to display a different page with the left and right arrows, and use the layers menu to view or hide the various layers.

Without filtering, printing or exporting the Confluence page only shows the first page of your diagram with all layers enabled.

If you want to print different views of your diagram, you can now filter the macro in Confluence Server to display a specific diagram page and one or more layers.

Note: These macro settings are only currently available in Confluence Server, but is coming to Confluence Cloud by the end of October 2019.

How to filter diagrams on page and layers

  1. Add a diagram to a page.
  2. For each different filtered view, add a new macro: Select the master diagram in the template manager, then select Link to Diagram. This will ensure that all of the filtered diagram macros update automatically when you change the master diagram.
  3. In Confluence edit mode, edit the macro settings to Select viewer page and layers.
  4. Select the page you want to display (top row), then select one or more layers that you want to see (bottom row).
  5. Select Apply, then Save. Repeat for each of the macros you want to filter, then save the Confluence page.

Now, each of the filtered macros will display different views of the one master diagram. These will be printed and exported exactly as they appear when you view the Confluence page.

Note that each filtered view will automatically create a PNG image attachment so that your filtered diagrams will appear correctly when the page is printed or exported.

For more about working with layers and pages in diagrams, see: