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Some fonts are created to provide a good output for specific character sets, at the expense of the Latin character rendering in that set. In you can, attempt to, use any font you wish. Select a shape(s), select the text panel on the right, click the font name, select custom and enter the font name in the dialog.

Since image and PDF export take place server-side, there is a finite set of fonts we support. (Image export is client-side on Chrome and Firefox, so you can use any fonts in those cases). The non-Latin specific fonts that can be used for server based export are (this isn’t a complete list of fonts for these characters, only the really specialized ones for those sets):

  • Arabic :  Al Bayan, Baghdad, Damascus, Decotype Naskh, Geeza Pro, Nadeem, Kufi
  • Armenian: Mshtakan
  • Cherokee : Plantagenet Cherokee
  • Chinese: Biaukai,  Hei, Heiti, Kai, Lihei, Lisong, STFangsong, STHeiti, STKaiti, STSong, Apple Ligothic, Baoli, Kaiti, Lantinghei, Libian, Songti, Wawati, Weibei, Xingkai, Yuanti, Yuppy, NISC18030
  • Cyrillic : CharcoalCY, GenevaCY, HelveticaCY, PTSans
  • Ethiopic: Kefa
  • Hebrew: Arial Hebrew, Corsiva Hebrew, New Peninim, Raanana
  • Indic Scripts : Devanagari, Bangla, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Inaimaithi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhala,
  • Japanese: Hiragino, Osaka, M+
  • Khmer : Khmer
  • Korean: Gungseo, Headline, Nanum, Pcmyungjo, Pilgi, Applegothic, Applemyungjo
  • Lao : Lao
  • Myanmar : Myanmar
  • Thai: Ayuthaya, Krungthep, Sathu, Silom, Thonburi
  • Tibetan: Kailasa, Kokonor
  • UCAS : Euphemia