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If you’ve wanted to explore the power and flexibility of for yourself and your team, but the cost to dive in appeared cost-prohibitive, you are going to love this!

The What & When

Atlassian already offers a free deployment of their Cloud tools for 1-10 users. At, we heartily support this opportunity and we will now match that! Every business or individual will be able to use for free for up to 10 users going forward!

Why you should start your subscription today

Why Is This Important to You?

If you run a small business, you will get the best diagramming experience in Confluence for free. No limitations on functionality, you get the same robust app that all of our users enjoy. You profit from our enterprise-grade features, helping to make your business prosper. Existing Server and Data Center users that would like to evaluate Atlassian Cloud can now do so easily without asking for additional funds.

Our philosophy has always been one of an early adopter. was the first diagramming app to incorporate revision handling in Confluence. Additionally, we have been part of the Cloud Fortified initiative since day 1.

We also offer data governance on top of data residency in our Cloud app. And finally, we are the only native diagramming app to offer features like collaborative editing. As a result, being part of this initiative was of the utmost importance for us as we are always working on behalf of our customers. It’s one way of saying “Thank You!” to our dedicated users – past, present, and future.

Let’s Get You Started!

If you’re not familiar with, just have a look at our recent feature release to also use as a whiteboard. Start your free subscription today – you and your team will be happy you did!